Enterprise Edition

CIO study Shows Capability, Complexity and Cost Issues Hampering IT Departments

Key findings:

  • 68% of CIOs feel that their backup and recovery tools will become less effective as the amount of data and servers in their organization grows
  • 88% of CIOs experience capability-related challenges with backup and recovery, 87% with cost and 84% with complexity: showing that data protection is still not a simple task
  • 58% of CIOs are planning to change their backup tool for virtual environments by 2014

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Annual Data Protection Report 2013: Enterprise and SMB Editions

Survey of 500 enterprises and 500 small / medium businesses across USA, UK, Germany and France

Annual Data Protection Report 2013

SMB Edition

85% of SMBs Experiencing Problems with Backup and Recovery

Report shows 55% will change backup tool by 2014

Veeam reveals the findings of the recent SMB data protection survey:

  • 85% of SMBs are experiencing cost-related challenges with backup and recovery, 83% with capability and 80% with complexity
  • 67% of the virtual environment is backed-up meaning that almost a third of SMBs’ virtual infrastructure is unprotected
  • More than 1 in 6 (17%) recoveries of backed-up machines cause problems
  • 41% of SMBs stated that downtime in the event of an IT failure costs $150,000 or more per hour

Infographics - SMB challenges with data protection in brief

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