5 technologies for assured data recovery

Join Veeam® experts to discuss five Veeam technologies that ensure that you can recover data whenever you need to!

Backup and replication are good, but if you can’t automate and test backup quality and recovery speed, you’ll be flying blind when you have to recover from a disaster or malware attack.

This talk will cover:

  • Veeam’s On‑Demand Sandbox™ and SureBackup®
  • Veeam’s storage hardware integrations that lock malware out of your backups
  • Staged Restore and Secure Restore features to guarantee functional, compliant and malware‑free backups and restores
  • Instant VM Recovery® features that keep downtime to a minimum
  • And more!

Featured speakers

Jeff Reichard Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy
Karinne Bessette Technologist, Product Strategy