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Protecting your data

Free your path to the cloud through flexible data migration

For most organizations, what hinders data availability is failed backup and recovery. Modern services and cloud acceleration are putting a strain on legacy data protection solutions. We see upwards of a 60% failure rate in data recovery due to failed backup and recovery processes. Let’s look at a real‑life example of how you can use native backup and recovery services straight from the cloud to help modernize your data protection in line with your IT.

Eliminating ransomware

Protect your data from ransomware

Even with the most modern data protection, cyberthreats are still one of the biggest security threats for any enterprise organization. In 2020, ransomware attacks grew by 700% alone. However, with modernized protection, 96% of organizations that were affected by ransomware cut their average recovery costs down to  $5,000, with 76% of companies not paying anything at all. How? Let’s look at an example of how easy it is to protect your data with immutability from Veeam.

Managing your data

Deliver IT efficiency through intelligent automation and management

For most organizations, managing data without process reduces efficiency and can increase the time of recovery. Systems need automated processes to simplify management and recovery while reducing risk. This demo shows how to use Veeam® ONE™ to increase availability through automated, policy‑based data services.

Unleashing your data

Advance from legacy systems, freeing people and resources while protecting workloads and data

With modern data protection, organizations achieve substantial results, including a 50% lower cost of backup and higher productivity across their IT, including DevOps. Innovation accelerates when data is readily accessible. This demo shows how to reuse your backup data to drive rapid application development through virtual sandboxes.

The enterprise solution for backup, recovery and monitoring

Veeam Availability Suite™ V11