Considerations for
Cutting Cloud

Veeam is here to help you take control of your cloud storage costs, whether it is AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

An estimated 28% of cloud spending is wasted, giving reason to why 82% of organizations referenced managing cloud spending as their top business challenge.1

Protecting and securing your data in the cloud can be a big cost center for your organization. Plan and implement some of our best practices to optimize your spending without compromising any protection whatsoever.

  • Snapshots vs. backups - Understand the benefits of snapshots and the higher costs associated with them.
  • Leverage cost calculators — Utilize cost calculators to estimate expenses and to analyze different pricing models while optimizing resources.
  • Maximize discount opportunities — Identify volume‑based discounts, new offerings and more to ensure favorable terms and pricing based on your organization’s requirements and long‑term commitments.
  • Take a policy-based approach — Govern your data and avoid unexpected costs by automating policy settings across your installations.
  • Compress your data — Reduce storage costs by implementing data compression settings within your cloud storage.
  • Tier to a lower cost storage — Apply a data tiering strategy using high‑performance storage for frequent access and low‑cost object storage for infrequent access.
  • Automate processes — Adopt cloud‑native automation tools to dynamically provision and scale resources based on actual usage patterns.
  • Dynamic/ephemeral processes — Design applications to spin up resources only when needed, including automatic depreciation.
  • Monitor backup state — Routinely review and adjust backup policies to avoid misconfigurations and overspending.

These are great first steps towards controlling your cloud costs across AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. If you would like more personal assistance, get in touch with one of our Cloud Specialists for FREE.