GDPR: 5 Lessons Learned

Veeam Compliance Experience Shared

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 22 years and it will have a profound impact on every organization which rely on the storage and processing of personal data of EU citizens.

Veeam is not immune to GDPR. Although every organization is unique in their compliancy methodology, there are five key principles we identified — blending people, processes and technology — to help you reach your end-goal.

GDPR: 5 Lessons Learned, Veeam Compliance Experience Shared, we walk through these lessons and share how our software played a critical role within data management and protection strategies to ensure we remain compliant while delivering Availability for the Always-On Multi-Cloud Enterprise.

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Avoiding GDPR Penalties 5 Key Principles. Veeam Compliancy Experience Shared.

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How to accelerate your GDPR efforts today.


Veeam's Road to GDPR Compliancy

Podcast: Taking a GDPR Journey


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Discover the five key lessons learned by Veeam(R) in our way to GDPR compliance, and accelerate your GDPR efforts.

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CIO Summary


In this CIO Summary we walk through the 5 key lessons learned by Veeam in our way to GDPR compliance and share how our software played a critical role within data management and protection strategies to ensure we remain compliant.

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Data Privacy Impact Survey (example)


An impact assessment survey that we at Veeam used for all of our business units (marketing, HR, legal, customer support) to obtain a comprehensive view of the data collection, management and usage practices.



IT Professional Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide for IT Professionals


As an IT manager and professional, your organization is looking to you to ensure you've covered the organization from GDPR significant risks and penalties. Learn how to accelerate your GDPR efforts in this IT Professional Guide.




Five Steps to GDPR Success


Is your business prepared to meet the May 25, 2018 deadline for compliance with the EU’s GDPR? Read this white paper and learn what changes GDPR brings to the global business, how to prepare your organization for GDPR and much more.

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