Active Directory
Deep Dive

Take a crash course on Active Directory
with Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer to learn how to:
  • Properly deploy and configure an Active Directory
  • Virtualize Active Directory in Windows Server 2016
  • Ensure Availability and disaster recovery for AD

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  • Episode 1: Active Directory 101
  • Episode 2: Active Directory and virtualization
  • Episode 3: Active Directory and backup

Get into Active Directory basics and best practices, including:

  • Deep dive into specifics of Active Directory service roles
  • Domain Controllers deploying, grouping and interaction with DNS and DHCP services
  • Proper configuration of AD and much more!

Get a head start on Active Directory and learn Active Directory basics in only 60 minutes with this webinar!

With "Active Directory 101", you will learn Active Directory basics and best practices for Active Directory deployment. Sander Berkouwer, a Microsoft MVP, will give you a deep dive into the specifics of Active Directory service roles, including the Active Directory Domain Services server role in Windows Server and Active Directory Domain Services role. You will learn everything about Domain Controllers, see how you can group them, understand how services like DNS and DHCP interact with them and learn best practices on deploying Domain Controllers.

Active Directory helps you to solve many challenges users might have. Join this webinar to learn about features in Active Directory geared toward end‑users. You will gain an understanding of the Active Directory database, dive into the nitty‑gritty of Active Directory—schema, objects, attributes and containers—and get general guidelines on configuration.

This webinar also makes a special mention of replication and high availability for Active Directory. We'll use graphical representations to help you understand replication topology and possible replication scenarios. We'll also discuss multi‑mastering, flexible single‑master operations, networking services and much more!

Deep dive into the latest changes of Active Directory, including:

  • Challenges and recommendations with virtualizing Domain Controllers
  • How Domain Controller Cloning saves your bacon
  • Five key enhancements in Active Directory security in WS 2016

Active Directory and virtualization

Through the years, Active Directory has evolved. A number of exciting improvements for virtualizing Active Directory is part of this evolution. Join a discussion with Sander Berkouwer, a Microsoft MVP, to learn more about enhancements to Active Directory security and administrative center as well as improvements to Active Directory deployment and migration.

In this episode of Active Directory Deep Dive, you will learn about five key enhancements in Active Directory security, such as the benefits of grouped Managed Service Accounts, Kerberos armoring, Protected Users group, dynamic Access Control and new authentication policies and policy silos.

This webinar will make a deep focus on Active Directory management and latest changes in the Active Directory Administrative Center. Windows Server 2016 offers huge improvements for Active Directory scalability and UI, which we'll talk about in detail. Don't miss a demo session on using Active Directory PowerShell History Viewer and the new graphic user interface for Active Directory Recycle Bin and fine‑grained password policy features!

Finally, we'll discuss what's new in Active Directory deployment and migration. You'll see how to solve challenges with promoting Domain Controllers and with indexability. Our guest expert will also share best practices for virtualizing Domain Controllers and show you how virtualization can help you with Domain Controllers backup and restore.

We'll wrap up the tutorial with a big demo on all the new features covered!

Do you know how many people couldn’t restore their ADs due to bad configuration? Learn how to:

  • Accordingly configure your backup jobs
  • Avoid fails at restores
  • Verify the recoverability of every Active Directory backup

Active Directory and backup

Active Directory is a Tier‑1 application critical for the security of your virtual infrastructure, so how do you maintain its availability? Join the Active Directory and Backup webinar with Timothy Dewin, System Engineer at Veeam®, and learn how Veeam Backup & Replication™ 9.5 helps you ensure the availability for Active Directory.

Active Directory is a VSS‑aware application and requires a consistent backup approach for proper recovery of a database. In this video tutorial, you will learn how Veeam enables application‑aware image processing for Active Directory virtualized on top of VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper‑V. You'll also learn how to configure your backup jobs the right way.

Do you want a guarantee from Veeam that your Active Directory backups will restore? No problem! In this episode, you'll get expert guidelines on using Veeam's SureBackup® functionality for backup and recovery verification. See how it works, how to easily create a virtual lab in your infrastructure without additional resources and how you can automatically verify the recoverability of every Active Directory backup, every time.

Backup is nothing without recovery. This webinar is a deep dive on the specifics of recovery options for Active Directory. You'll learn how to recover Active Directory items with Veeam Explorer™, restore a Domain Controller, perform whole‑directory and attribute‑level restores and much more!


Sander Berkouwer

Sander Berkouwer calls himself an Active Directory Afficionado. He`s done it all with Active Directory and he regularly gets invited as speaker for his enthusiastic approach and in‑depth knowledge, yielding him nine Microsoft MVP Awards in a row and the coveted Veeam Vanguard award, already.

Timothy Dewin

As a System Engineer for Veeam, Timothy Dewin spends most of his time explaining how Veeam Solutions can fit into the existing customer environment. He brings more than 8 years of industry experience focused on Virtualization and Storage.