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Deep dive into PowerShell basics

Windows Server updates come with enhanced built-in PowerShell framework, which makes it possible to perform every administrative task and remote server management by means of scripting. Everything you do with GUI can also be done as well or better with PowerShell.

Are you new to PowerShell? No problem! Veeam® expert Timothy Dewin helps you learn PowerShell scripting basics and shares his skills in this free PowerShell video book. To begin, Timothy will guide you through the PowerShell basics, introduce you to a number of specific extensions for different platforms, make an overview of cmdlets (lightweight PowerShell commands) and show you how to create and run scripts to perform a variety of tasks starting with writing "Hello World" text.

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Test your PowerShell scripts and discuss it with a Veeam System Engineer

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Learn PowerShell

Step by step with short demo videos done by a Veeam IT Pro

What will you learn in our PowerShell Tutorial?

Watch an introduction video (1:10)

This FREE PowerShell tutorial is designed to help you deep dive into PowerShell basics, become familiar with the powerful PS scripts, and get real practice for becoming a coding star

Speaker: Timothy Dewin

Timothy Dewin

As a System Engineer for Veeam, Timothy Dewin spends most of his time explaining how Veeam solutions can fit into the existing customer environment. He brings more than eight years of industry experience focused on virtualization and storage.

Lesson 1

Reading and writing to the console

  • Writing text
  • Variables
  • Basic math
  • Reading input from the command line

Lesson 2

Functions in PowerShell

  • Simple function
  • Making some comments
  • Non-interactive function
  • Multiple arguments
  • Decorating arguments

Lesson 3

Looping and branching

  • Comparing values
  • Boolean type
  • Branching
  • Loops

Lesson 4


  • Arrays
  • Hash tables

Lesson 5


  • Color formatting
  • String formatting

Lesson 6


  • Exploring objects
  • String as an object
  • Making your own objects
  • Version 5 classes
  • Dotnet classes
  • Enum (version 5)

Lesson 7

The pipeline

  • Getting started

Lesson 8

Getting help

  • Update-help
  • Getting help about cmdlets
  • Exploring objects, etc.

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