From Basics To A Coding Star

With the release of Windows 2012, Microsoft's PowerShell has moved toward automation. Our courses are designed to help you become familiar with the powerful PS scripts.
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From Zero to Hero

Windows Server 2012 comes with enhanced built-in PowerShell framework, which makes it possible to perform every administrative task and remote server management by means of scripting. Everything you do with GUI can also be done as well or better with PowerShell.

Are you new to PowerShell? No problem! Veeam® expert Timothy Dewin helps you take your first steps into PowerShell scripting and shares his skills in a series of three LEARN POWERSHELL webinars. To begin, Timothy will guide you through the PowerShell basics, introduce you to a number of specific PowerShell extensions for different platforms, make an overview of cmdlets (lightweight PowerShell commands), and show you how to create and run PowerShell scripts to perform a variety of tasks starting with writing "Hello World" text.

Learn by doing

These courses are the most efficient way to learn because you will get real-world scripting examples. We suggest that you use the Windows PowerShell ISE application to try the exercises offered in the webinars. You can run the tool by executing powershell_ise.exe in a Start menu or in a Command Prompt on your Windows machine.

Watch the Getting Stuff Done with PowerShell episode for a deep-dive session and a hands-on demo on how to create and run PowerShell scripts. We will discuss PowerShell capabilities for remote administration, reporting and jobs scheduling. You will also learn how to use a wide range of functions and script parameters supported by PowerShell, including multi-processing and text encryption.

Automate your SysAdmin tasks

Using cmdlets can come in handy in a system administrator's daily routine. Virtualization and backup administrators will also benefit from Veeam integration with the PowerShell framework.

The Automate Your Veeam Experience webinar will help you learn more about specific PowerShell cmdlets for Veeam Backup & Replication™ and explore best practices for Veeam automation with PowerShell. Host Timothy Dewin will demonstrate sample scripts for backup jobs, including creating and scheduling, enabling the application-aware processing and custom reporting. If you want to stay up-to-speed on your Veeam backup infrastructure performance 24/7, you'll enjoy the recommended iOS application for instant notifications.

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