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Welcome to the PowerShell 101 video courses!

001 How to execute your Powershell code by Veeam

101 Reading and writing data from and to the console by Veeam

102 Basic math reading data from user by Veeam

201 Functions - Simple functions by Veeam

202 Functions - Additional functions by Veeam

203 Functions - Validation of parameters and cmdletbinding by Veeam

300 Looping and branching - Boolean logicby Veeam

301 Looping and branching - Mixed boolean types by Veeam

302 Looping and branching - Loops by Veeam

401 Collections - Arrays by Veeam

402 Collections - Add new elements to arrays by Veeam

403 Collections - Create functions (make prime array) by Veeam

404 Collections - Details implemented through arrays by Veeam

405 Collections - Hash tables by Veeam

501 Formatting by Veeam

502 Collections & functions - Exercise by Veeam

503 Format operator - Useful options by Veeam

601 Objects - Exploring objects by Veeam

602 Objects - Getmember by Veeam

603 Objects - Getdate (Predictfullday) by Veeam

604 Objects - String object by Veeam

605 Objects - Make your own objects by Veeam

606 Powershell v5 Objects - Make your own objects by Veeam

607 Objects - Dotnet classes by Veeam

608 Powershell v5 Objects - Enumerations by Veeam

609 Powershell v5 Objects - Inheritance by Veeam

701 Pipeline by Veeam

702 Pipeline - Evaluation by Veeam

703 Pipeline - Format by Veeam

801 Getting help by Veeam


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