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  • Part 1: Cloud Backup & DRaaS
  • Part 2: Cloud Data Retention
  • Part 3: Cloud Mobility
  • Part 4: Public Cloud and SaaS Data Protection

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Deep dive into cloud data protection

Part 1:

Cloud Backup and DRaaS

Back up and replicate to a service provider

There can be a variety of challenges that organizations face when wanting to securely send data off site securely to ensure Availability. Part 1 of this demo series shows how to send backups and replicas off site to a service provider’s hosted repository using Veeam’s® Cloud Connect technology.

This demo includes:

  • Service provider setup and infrastructure configuration
  • An end user backing up and replicating data to the service provider infrastructure

Part 2:

Cloud Data Retention

Native tiering to object storage

As data continues to grow, organizations need options for storing older backups in a reliable, cost-effective way. Part 2 of this demo series shows how Veeam Cloud Tier provides unlimited capacity for long-term data retention and enables customers to natively tier backup files to object storage targets, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage, S3-compatible service providers or on-premises storage offerings.

This demo includes:

  • Configuring the Scale-out Backup Repository™
  • Setting up object storage as a target for long-term data retention

Part 3:

Cloud Mobility

2 steps to restore ANY backup to the cloud

As organizations adopt various cloud strategies, a critical key to successful data management is workload mobility. Part 3 of this demo series shows how Veeam Cloud Mobility provides easy portability and recovery of ANY on-premises or cloud-based workloads to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack — in only 2 steps!

This demo includes:

  • Registering a cloud subscription with Veeam
  • Restoring ANY backup to the cloud

Part 4:

Public Cloud and SaaS Data Protection

Agent backup and Office 365 backup

Whether you have public cloud IaaS workloads or run a SaaS application like Microsoft Office 365 — data residing in the cloud is still your responsibility to protect. Part 4 of this demo series shows how you can back up and protect both your IaaS and SaaS data.

This demo includes:

  • Combining AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud instances into the same repository
  • Backup Microsoft Office 365 data and recover deleted emails

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