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Multi-Cloud Demo Series

Watch this multi-cloud technical deep-dive to learn how to protect data at every step of your multi-cloud journey. These demos will walk you through the value, configuration and deployment of solutions for:

  • Part 1: Cloud Backup & DRaaS
  • Part 2: IaaS and SaaS Data Protection
  • Part 3: Cross-Cloud Data Protection

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Explore the multi-cloud demo series

Deep-dive into multi-cloud data protection

Part 1:

Cloud Backup and DRaaS

Backup and replicate to a service provider

There can be a variety of challenges organizations face when wanting to securely send data off site to ensure Availability. Part 1 of this demo series shows how to send backups and replicas off site to a service provider’s hosted repository using Veeam’s Cloud Connect technology.

This demo includes:

  • Service provider setup and infrastructure configuration
  • An end user backing up and replicating data to the service provider infrastructure

Part 2:

IaaS and SaaS Data Protection

Agent backup and Office 365 backup

Whether you have public cloud IaaS workloads, or run a SaaS application like Microsoft Office 365 - data residing in the cloud is still your responsibility to protect. Part 2 of this demo series shows how you can backup and protect both your IaaS and SaaS data.

This demo includes:

  • Combining AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud instances into the same repository
  • Backup Microsoft Office 365 data and recover deleted emails

Part 3:

Cross-Cloud Data Protection

VTL Backup onto Amazon S3

Organizations should have the ability to leverage their existing cloud investments, and be able to easily move and protect data within their cloud environment. Part 3 of this demo series shows how you can move backups onto cloud storage via virtual tape library technology.

This demo includes:

  • Configuring the virtual tape library technology with Amazon Storage Gateway
  • Archiving a backup onto Amazon S3 storage

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