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#1 Backup and Recovery


  • Fast, reliable backup and database recovery
  • Oracle RMAN integration
  • Log truncation saves storage

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Veeam® Availability Suite™ provides reliable, agentless, image‑level backup for Oracle databases that run any supported operating system and hypervisor, with transaction log backup and replay capability so that you can restore your Oracle database to a precise point in time — even to a specific transaction.

Browse database directly from a single‑pass, agentless backup file and perform multiple restore scenarios for your Oracle database.


Achieve Availability for Oracle databases with Veeam

#1 Backup and Recovery tool for Oracle

  • Fast Backup

    • Fast, reliable, application‑aware, image‑based backups
    • Unlimited capacity and cost savings for long‑term data retention on object storage
    • Lower RPOs and faster backups to the leading storage providers
  • Direct Search

    • Open a database directly from the compressed, deduplicated backup file
    • Web based, consolidated view of your distributed deployment
    • Review the transaction log in human‑readable format
  • Easy Restore

    • Database recovery to the state stored in an image‑level backup
    • Point‑in‑time database recovery via transaction log replay
    • Transaction‑level recovery via transaction log review

Covering you in those everyday disasters

Veeam Availability Suite offers advanced functionality for backup and granular recovery for Oracle, making it a perfect granular recovery tool for tactical restores, whether you need to recover an entire database to a specific point in time or roll back the latest transaction.

  • Create application‑consistent, image‑level backups with advanced, application‑aware processing for both virtual and physical environments
  • Perform Oracle transaction log backup and replay - restore the individual databases to the time of the image‑based backup — or via log replay — to a specific point in time.
  • Run archived logs management with flexible options that truncate logs based on their age, or total size.

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Also available for ANY enterprise Application

Veeam Availability Suite allows you to quickly and reliably restore various enterprise applications, including Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint!

Zero in on exactly what you need to recover and restore individual items directly from your backups for fast granular recovery.