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A quick start guide for IT professionals who want to learn about Windows PowerShell.
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Are you an IT Pro administering Windows-based servers, applications and platforms? Take a crash course in PowerShell with this free e-book and see how you can easily automate your daily management tasks. Getting a handy experience with PowerShell framework also offers you more opportunities since many software vendors including Veeam provide free PowerShell support for their products!

Created specifically for beginners, this guide explains in plain language what PowerShell is and provides you with the fundamentals every PowerShell administrator needs to know. Starting from scratch, you will learn essential terms, concepts and commands, and quickly understand PowerShell basics. This e-book primarily focuses on PowerShell 4.0, but don’t be confused – the basic principles you learn here hold true for earlier PowerShell versions as well.

Practice makes perfect

You’ll get not only theoretical explanation of PS concepts, but also examples of typical commands to understand how it really works.

Start from basics, progress to a pro!

This paper will guide you through the PS basics even if you're not familiar with it at all.

Progress even further

We’ll give you enough information to get started and we’ll wrap up with a list of resources and next steps including a free 6-hour PowerShell course recorded by our experts

+ recording of PowerShell courses!


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