Check out the recording of our live launch event, hosted by Veeam’s Executive Team, for the latest features included in NEW Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, NEW Veeam Availability for AWS and NEW Veeam Availability Console v3.

Expanding Leadership in Cloud Data Management

NEW Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4

Robust cloud-native data protection

Veeam Cloud Tier provides unlimited capacity for long‑term data retention by using native, cost effective object storage integrations.

  • Leverage the lower cost, simplicity and elasticity of object storage including Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, S3‑compatible service providers or on‑premises storage offerings
  • Store data in the cloud without any double charges unlike with other backup providers who impose a "cloud tax" on top of the cloud provider’s storage cost
  • Avoid vendor lock‑in associated with secondary storage appliances

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Easy cloud data portability

Veeam Cloud Mobility provides easy portability and recovery of ANY on‑premises or cloud‑based workloads to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack — with just 2 steps to maintain business continuity and Availability across hybrid cloud environments.

  • Get portability of workloads to the cloud
  • Restore and recover workloads to the cloud for business continuity
  • Unlock test and development for data backups to the cloud

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Increased security and data governance

Achieve security and compliance with NEW Veeam DataLabs™ Staged & Secure Restore functionality. Remain compliant by streamlining GDPR right to be forgotten requests and reduce security risks by automatically scanning and verifying backups after malicious attacks.

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Automation for the enterprise

Take advantage of advanced data intelligence with Veeam ONE™ Intelligent Diagnostics. Self‑identify and resolve common issues with backup configurations, before operational disruption, by automating processes with Intelligent Diagnostics, saving time and reducing support tickets.

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NEW Veeam Availability for AWS

Backup purpose‑built for AWS

Cloud‑native, agentless data protection that is purpose‑built for AWS using AWS snapshots. Allows for rapid recovery of anything from a complete server/instance to a specific volume or individual file.

Enable cloud mobility and save costs

Decouple backups from the AWS infrastructure and store data in a low‑cost format inside Amazon S3 object storage or on‑premises which will lower your data protection costs, improve your retention options and significantly simplify data mobility.

Powerful, reliable recovery

Take full advantage of Veeam’s powerful, reliable recovery technologies including instant recovery of Amazon EC2 instances, database point‑in‑time recovery, Veeam backup copy jobs and more!

How Service Providers can ‘Power Up’

This latest wave of releases includes incredible features for cloud and managed service providers to build
Veeam‑powered data protection solutions for on premises and cloud‑based workloads

Build a better Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering by leveraging NEW integrations with VMware vCloud Director and Veeam Cloud Connect Replication. Plus, reduce storage costs for your offerings by scaling out with the NEW Veeam Cloud Tier.
Provide your customers with security and control of their environments by leveraging NEW Veeam DataLabs. Compliance and resiliency are top of mind for your customers, so be sure to take advantage of this buzz‑worth capability.
Run a next‑gen services business with NEW Veeam Availability Console v3  and NEW Veeam ONE Intelligent Diagnostics. From powerful monitoring and reporting capabilities, to automating resolution of common misconfigurations, Veeam is making it easier than ever to deliver Veeam‑powered services.

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