Salesforce Backup Demo

  • FREE technical product demo by a Veeam technologist
  • Overview of NEW Veeam Backup for Salesforce
  • Learn how to backup and restore Salesforce data and metadata

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It’s your Salesforce data –
you control it – and it is your responsibility to protect it.

Organizations rarely backup Salesforce until it is too late and the data is lost. Even though Salesforce manages the infrastructure,
this doesn’t replace YOUR responsibility to protect Salesforce from data loss and data corruption. Watch this free technical product demo to get an in‑depth look into how to backup and restore Salesforce data effortlessly with NEW Veeam® Backup for Salesforce.

This demo will cover:

Defining custom backup schedules for the most important Salesforce objects

Comparing backup records with production data and view any changes

Performing recovery of corrupted or deleted objects with full hierarchies


Confidently back up and restore your Salesforce data

Veeam® Backup for Salesforce gives you what others can’t: Complete access and control.
You control the backups, you choose the storage.


Purpose‑built to backup and restore Salesforce data and metadata.

Fast and Flexible Recovery

Recover Salesforce records, hierarchies, fields, files and metadata.

Secure Your Data

Own your data and run your backup environment anywhere: on‑premises, in AWS, in Microsoft Azure and more.

Salesforce Business Applications

Extending support of the Salesforce platform, including Salesforce Government and Education Clouds, Field Service, CPQ, Person Accounts and managed packages.

Custom Scheduling

Set granular backup schedules and retention settings at the object level.

Sandbox Seeding

Restore to your sandbox with data from production or from another sandbox.

Salesforce SSO and MFA

Enable role‑based access for backup and restore operators via Salesforce to simplify and improve the security of your operations.

Simplified Management

Manage backup policies for several Salesforce organizations from one console.

Incremental Changes

With incremental sync and flexible scheduling, you can back up your Salesforce data almost continuously.

Simple and Easy‑to‑Use UI

Click, click, click and done. Run backup policies and restore jobs in minutes.

See and Compare

See versions of records and metadata and quickly compare it with production.

Restore Hierarchy

Granularly restore linked child objects to any record. You can restore parents’ records as well.