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Veeam can help you select the right data protection solutions to power your cloud‑based offerings. We'll gladly provide an assessment of your needs, deliver price quotes and technical answers, and unlock technical, sales and marketing resources specifically designed for service providers. Whether you are building your own service or looking to resell one, the Veeam team can help!

The Veeam difference

Veeam sets the pace as the vendor‑of‑choice for service providers, offering resiliency that’s elevated by key capabilities for automation, security and workload mobility.

With Veeam you can:

  • Accelerate time to market with purpose‑built tools and resources for service providers

  • Offer your customers control over their data regardless of where it resides

  • Leverage out‑of‑the‑box vendor integrations like VMware and Microsoft

  • Automate and streamline services with an API‑first framework

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