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Switch to Veeam for the Price of your StorageCraft Renewal!

More and more legacy backup customers are switching to Veeam®. What is the main reason behind this move? Technologies that were designed for the client-server era could not deliver the 24.7.365 Availability demanded by businesses today with the capacity to restore IT services running in the hybrid cloud within seconds and minutes.

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Replacing legacy backup is a key enabler of digital transformation, business continuity and increased agility. Veeam dramatically improves attainment of service level agreements (SLAs), increases reliability and reduces operational complexity resulting in measurable ROI and lower TCO.

Join thousands of others by switching to Veeam and get THE Availability solution designed from the ground up to protect applications and data wherever they are — on-premises or in the cloud, on laptops or desktops, virtual machines or physical servers — anywhere!

Check out the top 7 reasons NOT to renew your StorageCraft solution and switch to Veeam for the price of your renewal today!


Availability vs. Backup

According to IDC, Veeam® customers meet their recovery time and point objective (RTPO™) SLAs 91% of the time compared to only 70.7% with their previous legacy provider. Veeam was built to manage the amount of data found in the data center of today — not the ones of yesteryear. StorageCraft lacks key features like replication and Hardware Snapshot support. This causes customers to miss SLAs due to longer recovery times.


Innovation vs. Status Quo

Veeam is an innovation leader with a proven history of being first to deliver market-defining capabilities, support of the latest platforms and the most comprehensive and forward-looking cloud vision in the industry. StorageCraft lags behind when it comes to supporting the latest and greatest platforms and applications. Take a look at StorageCraft’s most requested features to see what they are missing.


Growth vs. Stagnation

Veeam is one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies today. It is a privately held rocket ship on target to reach $1 billion in yearly sales by 2018 with freedom to innovate. Recognized by IDC and Ovum as a top choice among data protection and Availability solutions, Veeam’s forward momentum is in stark contrast with the lagging innovation and in many cases, the declining market share of other data protection providers. Veeam’s growth shows no signs of slowing down — adding more than 4,000 new customers every month and new powerful capabilities with every release.


Simplicity vs. Complexity

Veeam’s cohesive, integrated approach to backup, replication and disaster recovery is the clear choice over StorageCraft’s approach that impose separately licensed products to build out a complete solution. Agents are required for in-place restore of files within a VM. “One‑stage process” file level recovery requires an agent to be installed on the VM. Cross-platform restore of individual files is not supported. StorageCraft requires agents to properly protect and recover all application servers.


Powerful Capabilities vs. Lack of Important Features

StorageCraft has no match for Veeam’s capabilities for virtual and physical workloads such as advanced replication that enables near-continuous data Availability, secure end-to-end encryption with lost password protection, an innovative Scale-out Backup Repository™ and built-in WAN acceleration.


Reliability vs. Guess Work

“It Just Works” — that is the #1 feedback from Veeam customers. Veeam customers report substantially less downtime and fewer backup and replication failures than with legacy backup solutions. In fact, it’s the #1 reason enterprises select Veeam! Patented automated backup and replica testing AND recovery verification for 100% of your workloads, combined with Veeam’s industry-leading customer support will help you sleep better at night.

StorageCraft, on the other hand, has no infrastructure monitoring and limited automated backup testing and recovery verification — leaving you vulnerable to potential data corruption and restore failures.


Customer Satisfaction vs. Frustration

Veeam’s customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with our product features and functionality, ease of use, technical support and sales effectiveness. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 2x the industry average. Just take a look at StorageCraft’s customer support forums to see the frustration.


Veeam Is Now The Clear Market Leader

Customers, partners, industry analysts, and media recognize Veeam as the clear market leader in Availability for the Always-on Enterprise™, offering unique business advantages due to powerful capabilities.

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Get Veeam for the price of your StorageCraft renewal

Over 50,000 companies switched to Veeam in the last 12 months – many from StorageCraft!

See what our customers say.

The difference in speed is like chalk and cheese, I’d go gray waiting for a backup to complete with the legacy tool. With Veeam, backup is instant and often. Each day Veeam sends an email report notifying me that all backups were successful or that I need to rerun a backup job. Daily notification is a luxury I didn’t have with the previous tool.

Ashlen Naicker,
ICT Manager, Zoos South Australia, Zoos South Australia

Ensuring availability of collection data is extremely important because there is a very serious chain of custody responsibilities both internally and externally. We may be handling history but our IT has to be 21st century.

Michael Brady,
Manager ICT, Australian Museum Trust, Australian Museum Trust

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