Veeam User Group Iceland
Join the Veeam® User Group and become an expert of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise!


As a technical professional and a Veeam Customer, become a part of our Veeam User community and gain access to knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, events and more!

The Veeam User Group (VUG) program was created in 2010 to help our users better utilize Veeam products by way of face-to-face meetings.

Today VUG is an independent customer-driven community of IT professionals interested in optimizing virtual environments and making the most of Veeam products.

Attending VUG meetings you not only get an opportunity to meet other Veeam users, exchange your ideas on projects, tips and tricks and watch valuable demos, but you also enter a group of technical experts who are inspired by Veeam and encouraged to discuss new and anticipated functions around Veeam.

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