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As a part of our community, technical professionals and Veeam customers
can gain access to knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, events and more!
All licensed Veeam customers are considered part of the Veeam User Group community, and we encourage you to attend the VUG meetings near you! And if you are currently evaluating Veeam software or using a trial product, we think you will also find VUG meetings informative. Add your email address to ensure that you receive newsletters and VUG meeting invitations.
Take advantage of all these great resources available to Veeam User Group members. Be sure to subscribe below to receive notifications as new materials become available.

The Veeam User Group (VUG) program is a great way to connect with other Veeam users.

Our mission with the VUG is to strengthen the collective voice of our products’ users and get that voice heard by the powers at be (Veeam developers!) through this network.

The resources available to you range from face to face and virtual user group meetings to online forums, podcasts and livestream broadcasts. Make sure you are taking advantage of all these offerings!

We need highly engaged Veeam customers to represent their local areas as VUG Champions. Join this elite group of local community representatives to help us organize more frequent Veeam User Group activities in your area. Contact us today to find out how you can become a Veeam Champion in your area and learn how to earn some special perks!
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Join us for a Veeam User Group meeting near you!

Veeam User Group (VUG) meetings are half‑day technical gatherings focused on education and networking for the Veeam user community.
You will hear the latest Veeam news and product updates, connect with other Veeam users, share your Veeam experiences and discuss topics that are important to you.

Membership and User Group meetings are free! Take advantage of these benefits:

Meet 1:1 with Veeam technical personnel

Network with other Veeam users in your area

Get the inside scoop on Veeam happening

IMPORTANT NEWS: Veeam User Group meetings Move Online!
Due to COVID‑19 concerns, Veeam User Group meeting will take place online through December 31. Please register for a user group webinar below.
You can also watch a recording of the ONLINE VEEAM USER GROUP meeting we hosted on April 2.

Online events

North America
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Veeam User Group Exclusive: AWS + Azure‑native backup
Watch a recording of the exclusive VUG online meeting we hosted on July 23 and learn more about the AWS + Azure‑native backup and Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 features.
VeeamON 2020
Elevate Your Cloud Data Strategy
Join us to learn from industry experts how to leverage the cloud for scalable, efficient data protection to accelerate your business, now free and from anywhere.
Veeam User Group: online exclusive!
Watch a recording of the exclusive online meeting we hosted on April 2 and learn more about the top Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 features.
NEW Veeam Availability Suite v10
Increase availability, portability and extensibility for your data with NEW Veeam Availability Suite v10
VUG UK meeting
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Veeam Champions and local chapters
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Start a local VUG in your area

Veeam User Groups have a strong focus on community and networking with other Veeam users. Help build the VUG community by joining a local VUG or forming one in your area.

Sign up to become a member
To start your local VUG please tell us about yourself a bit more
Keep up with VUG happenings via Twitter #veeamUG
Get the latest industry news, developments and trends
Gain a knowledge of Veeam products through online courses
The Veeam Blog shares news on all things Veeam from several different perspectives. Hear from Veeam executives, engineers, product evangelists and more
Go straight to the source with your questions, by following and contributing to the Veeam Community Forums, moderated by our product development team
Check out upcoming and on‑demand broadcasts from our systems engineers with news and developments, best practices, tips and tricks and whiteboarding sessions
  1. What topics are being addressed at VUG meetings? Our agenda is loose and you are welcome to contribute. To learn more or suggest topics, please contact Veeam User Group team Veeam User Group team Veeam User Group team
  2. Who can take part? Veeam users who want to get the most from their solution or those who want to start using Veeam products, but don’t know where to start.
  3. May I bring a fellow attendee? Yes, you are welcome to share the registration link with those who are interested.
  4. How to attend? Check our events calendar and choose a location near you. You can also subscribe to stay updated on upcoming VUG meetings in your area.
  5. Is there a fee for participants? No, just bring a good mood along.
  6. Who is behind local VUG chapters? See all Local Champions
  7. Who can start a local VUG if there’s none in my region yet? Anyone except for sales representatives at a company selling products or services to Veeam users. Contact us Contact us Contact us today to learn how you can become a Veeam Champion for your area.
  8. How does Veeam support a VUG? An official VUG receives global recognition and access to the latest product news firsthand, as well as content and speakers. Veeam also provides event organizational support.
  9. Can I become a sponsor of a VUG? Please contact Veeam User Group team.
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