Veeam Stream 2021

Champion Your Data to Grow Your Business

Thursday, April 8 at 10 a.m. CEST

Companies acknowledge the key role of data to advance productivity, business innovation and customer experience. Many, however, are still struggling to get their arms around managing their most valuable asset in a way that drives business success.

Hear from peer companies in your region, Veeam® experts and our guest keynote speaker Fabian Cancellara – one of the world's most successful cyclists –, how they turn data into success.

Join Veeam Stream and learn more about Cloud Data Management and how it helps companies to enhance data protection, hybrid cloud acceleration, data security and governance.

Veeam Stream goes beyond the classic set‑up of a webinar, combining information and interaction, business and IT, in a multifaceted format.

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Don't miss a chance to win a virtual
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Veeam Stream agenda

10:00 a.m.
  • Good Morning, Veeam Stream!
    Olivier Schalbroeck, Moderator
  • Welcome
    Ronald Ooms, Regional Sales Vice President, Veeam Software
  • Champion Your Data to Grow Your Business
    Matt Watts, Chief Technology Evangelist, NetApp EMEA
    Jason Buffington, Vice President Product Strategy, Veeam Software
10:30 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
  • KEYNOTE: How Data helps to win the Race
    Fabian Cancellara, Entrepreneur and former professional cyclist
11:30 a.m.
  • Veeam Stream QUIZ
    Win a virtual – but very personal – Meet & Greet with Fabian Cancellara
    or one of his sports gadgets!
11:40 a.m.
    Olivier Schalbroeck, Moderator
11:45 a.m.
  • Veeam Stream Ends

Veeam Stream speakers

Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara, Entrepreneur and former professional cyclist

One of the most successful riders in the history of cycling, Fabian Cancellara has a palmarès that few riders can match. As entrepreneur and speaker he shares tales of dedication, bravery, leadership and success that characterized his time as a professional cyclist.

Matt Watts

Matt Watts, Chief Technology Evangelist, NetApp EMEA

As CTE, Matt Watts provides guidance on NetApp’s overall strategy and technology solutions to a wide base of customers and the global partner community. Matt is also part of the Global Sales leadership team providing advice and guidance on technology and transformation.

Edwin Weijdema

Jason Buffington, Vice President Product Strategy, Veeam Software

Jason Buffington has been in the data protection industry for over 30 years, working on a variety of backup, replication/failover and BC/DR solutions within data protection vendors and Microsoft. Outside of IT, Jason is an active volunteer leader in Scouting BSA.

Christian Mathijs

Ronald Ooms, Regional Sales Vice President, Veeam Software

Ronald Ooms has extensive experience in determining sales strategies for technology companies in areas such as virtualization, cloud infrastructure, application platforms, backup & recovery and data management.

Veeam Stream customer guest speakers

Christian Mathijs

Niels Spieard, Functional Expert PCD IT Shell

Niels is an experienced cybersecurity professional in the oil and gas industry, as he leads the Process Control Domain (PCD) IT Security engineering team and is responsible for development, evergreening and deploying secure but cost effective solutions for internal Royal Dutch Shell customers.

Christian Mathijs

Michael Pehböck, Head of IT Infrastructure, REWE International AG

After almost 18 years of experience in enterprise customer support at an international hardware manufacturer, Michael is responsible for the server, storage and backup infrastructure at REWE International in Austria since mid‑2018. Besides efficient operation of the systems, security and High Availability play a central role.

Christian Mathijs

Sven Syfrig, Head of Microsoft IT-Services, EveryWare AG

Sven Syfrig has been working for the IT services provider for about 18 years. The company has grown from five to 90 employees and is today the leading cloud and IT services provider in Switzerland. Sven is managing all Microsoft‑related projects, the units for support and VMware virtualization & storage, as well as data protection for all EveryWare physical and virtual servers. During his IT career, Sven had his own web services company and held several positions in the IT departments of some of Switzerland's largest retail companies.

Christian Mathijs

Benjamin Falk Elveng, COO,

In his role as COO of, Benjamin Falk Elveng, is in charge of the IT services company's infrastructure based on enterprise solutions including HPE, IBM, Juniper, Lenovo, Microsoft, VMware and Veeam, which are the foundation all of services delivers today, such as BaaS, DRaaS and security SaaS products. Benjamin started his journey at in 2009, when the company ventured into the hosting business and virtualization. Since then, his focus has always been on backup and security solutions for the cloud.

Veeam Stream moderator

Christian Mathijs

Olivier Schalbroeck

Olivier Schalbroeck has an extensive track record in events and entertainment. He understands the art of getting the audience on board from the very first moment and setting the tone for a successful event. Whether it's technical, commercial or just fun...he stands his ground.


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