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Joachim guessed the 100,000th customer’s location on the world map!
Business-class Trip for Two Around the World — $25,000 Value

Joachim Rinck
Developer, Eoss


Craig, Marc, Anthony and Joseph accurately predicted the location of customers 99,994 to 99,999!
VMCE Course or a Free Pass to VeeamON 2014, PLUS a High-Tech Gadget

Craig Alger
System Engineer,

Marc Perreault
IT Administrator, 
Harvey Tool

Anthony Kraus
Pharmacy Bedside Technician,

Joseph Sornsin
Systems Engineer Technology Consulting,
Eide Bailly LLP


Valentin, Narcis, Irina and Radu formed a team and made a winning customer-location guess!
Windows Surface 3 Pro

Valentin Hutanu
Infrastructure Analyst,
Capilano University

Narcis Hutanu
Senior Web Developer,
BitCase Solutions Inc.

Irina Apostu
Sales Manager,
Blueprof Consulting Inc.

Radu Apostu
Owner, Senior IT Consultant,
Blueprof Consulting Inc.

Since 2002 I have been using Linux on my private desktop, this was my first experience with virtualization techniques. Sometimes I worked with Virtualbox and KVM on my Windows System. Professionally I had direct contact with virtualization and backup in the sphere of hosting and at setup, upgrade, migration and support of SWIFT infrastructure.
… In collaboration with our hosting partner we are deploying Veeam as backup for our VMs and are happy with it.

Joachim Rinck, Developer at Eoss (Switzerland)

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