Break free from legacy backup with Veeam

Veeam provides Modern Data Protection and a single platform for cloud, virtual, SaaS, Kubernetes and physical workloads, eliminating the need to settle for legacy backup solutions.

With flexible, reliable, and powerful capabilities ─ matched with a simple, portable subscription licensing model (Veeam Universal License ─ VUL) that can evolve with you ─ customers are confident their data is protected and always available.

Thanks to our software-defined and hardware agnostic platform, with over a decade consistently delivering industry-first capabilities and world-class customer support, you can see why hundreds of thousands of loyal, satisfied customers across the globe have chosen Veeam.

Tired of your backup solution constraints?

Does the solution you use or consider offer the flexibility needed to deploy backup any way and anywhere you want? Does it offer the simplicity needed to minimize your workload? And does it offer the powerful capabilities that you need to protect your data correctly and do more than just restores?

Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Veeam® over the competition


Veeam benefits

Competition limitations


The Veeam platform extends beyond core backup and recovery capabilities to address modern data protection needs, like DR orchestration, ransomware remediation and cloud mobility.

Veeam also natively protects modern workloads, like SaaS, cloud, and containers, helping you solve today’s challenges while preparing for those of tomorrow.


Plain backup solutions lack the advanced protection and recovery capabilities required to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. While some newer products market themselves as modern data management platforms, they still lack advanced backup and recovery capabilities.

Several vendors do not natively protect modern workloads like SaaS, cloud, and containers, or offer basic protection only.

One platform

One platform to protect all virtual, physical, and cloud native workloads.

As well as one platform to deliver all capabilities, from CDP to ransomware remediation.

Vendors often require independent products or 3rd party tools to protect your entire environment and separate products to deliver all capabilities (i.e. separate products for CDP and backup).

Veeam is straightforward to deploy, easy to manage and designed to integrate effortlessly into your environment. Veeam does not require a steep learning curve either.

Automation everywhere allows for quick troubleshooting, immediate remediation and more time to tackle strategic projects.

Complex and siloed

Solutions that require multiple point products or 3rd party products to protect your environment often require costly professional services and complex configuration for deployment.

Legacy and point solutions can often require twice the administration time due to manual processes, unintuitive consoles and time‑consuming manual scripting and troubleshooting.

Total flexibility
Veeam is software‑defined and hardware agnostic, providing the ultimate infrastructure flexibility. Veeam offers deep integration with all major array platforms to improve backup & recovery efficiencies too.
Rigid requirements
Solutions that lock you into proprietary file systems and specific hardware options often restrict how you access and utilize your data. With limited deployment options, purpose‑built appliances force you into a “t‑shirt sized” solution that may not scale proportionally to your needs.
Veeam increases reliability, enhances security and ensures business continuity in the event of a ransomware attack or insider threat by automatically verifying backups are recoverable and free from malware through automated scanning, immutable storage and insider threat protection.
Veeam’s portable backups also enable you to recover data even if you lose your backup servers.
With limited or no automated verification that backups are recoverable, other data protection vendors put your data at risk.
Limited ransomware alarms and lack of ransomware‑free restore options leave you vulnerable to ransomware.
Appliance‑based solutions and solutions that tie backups to a backup server make it difficult if not impossible to recover data after losing those single point of failure servers.
Industry‑leading innovation
Powerful capabilities like Continuous Data Protection and many industry‑first capabilities, enable you to achieve the most demanding recovery Service Level Objectives (SLO) while dramatically reducing data loss and downtime.
Veeam also enables you to efficiently recover data no matter the issue, thanks to the broadest set of recovery options.
Veeam DataLabs even allow you to reuse your backups for business purposes.
Catch‑up functionality
Many backup vendors are capable of just that – backup. They lack the advanced capabilities that modern environments need.
They even utilize proprietary appliances & filesystems and lock you into their platform while providing minimal integrations with your environment and lacking key capabilities.
To legacy data protection vendors, backup is an insurance policy. Data copies cannot be leveraged for DevOps and DevTest or Cyber Security.
Veeam’s 400,000+ customers say again and again “It Just Works!”. Recognized by analysts as the clear market leader, Veeam garners the highest position across Gartner Peer Insights, G2 Crowd and Trust Radius.
Over 4,400 experts and hundreds of support engineers available 24.7.365 all over the world, are here to help you. Not to mention, you can quickly sharpen your skills thanks to educational resources, such as how‑to‑videos, detailed user guides, extremely active user forums and intelligent diagnostics. Have the peace‑of‑mind that your backup has YOUR back.

Data protection vendors often fall into two categories: Legacy solutions that stopped innovating years ago and survive off support renewals and newer solutions with few customers and unproven technology that rely more heavily on marketing than capabilities.

Moreover, you might be on your own, due to a lack of educational resources and irresponsive staff.

Your data is too important to risk with an incomplete platform or a solution that you are not certain will still work for you in a few years.

Veeam is the choice for more than 400K organizations around the world.

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