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VeeamON Forum Malaysia

VeeamON Forum Malaysia 2017 is designed to connect leading IT experts and visionaries throughout the country to share and learn how to ensure Availability for the Always-ON Enterprise™. It’s the only event in Malaysia that's entirely focused on solving your challenges to provide availability of ALL of your applications and data.

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Plenary Session


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Veeam Availability Platform: Business Value Explained for Decision Makers

Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud delivers the next generation of Availability to enable the Always-On Enterprise™, providing businesses and enterprises of all sizes with the means to ensure Availability for virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads (including SaaS). How do these capabilities translate into solutions that result in more revenue, less downtime, and increased SLA attainment? This session explores each component of the Veeam Availability Platform from a business perspective, including Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 and the new agents, and how they impact real customers’ businesses like yours in their commitment to remain Always-On.

The Decision Makers guide to cloud and service provider technologies with Veeam

The cloud is unquestionably a strong force in today’s IT channel evolution which industry experts predict will continue this forward motion in the coming years. What is your business plan for the cloud and how is your business adapting to ever-increasing reliance on the cloud? This session will cover the Veeam cloud story from Cloud Connect to public cloud to service providers and upcoming cloud-related products all designed to meet the needs of your business organization.

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Coffee break and exchanges in the exhibition area

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Plenary Session

What's NOW: Veeam Agents, Veeam Availability Console and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 for everyone!

Recently, Veeam launched Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 which provides Office 365 email backup and recovery at your fingertips. With the release of Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows and Linux, Veeam is helping you avoid downtime and data loss for Windows and Linux-based physical or public cloud-based workloads. Coming soon, our cloud-enabled platform for service providers and distributed enterprise environments, Veeam Availability Console, will offer a way to more easily manage tenants, remote offices and other distributed locations. Finally, learn more about backing up physical workloads at scale, launching a new service provider business, and more with these new products.

What's New in v10 - Sneak peek

The v10 embargo has been lifted! Join Veeam for a deeper dive into the new Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 functionality announced — and to ask your questions!

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Lunch Break & Exhibition Space Exchange

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Plenary session

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Coffee break and exchanges in the exhibition area

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Technical breakout session

Centralized Management for Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows with Veeam Availability Console

Included in the Veeam Availability Platform is the new Veeam Availability Console, a cloud-enabled platform for service providers and distributed enterprise environments. Leveraging Veeam Cloud Connect, this management console offers enterprises a way to easily manage remote and branch offices (ROBO) and other distributed locations, allows service providers to deliver Veeam-powered Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to their customers and enables partners and resellers to launch a new service provider business.

Tools and Practices for Sizing, Planning and Maintaining Veeam Deployments

There are big differences when it comes to deploying and maintaining a Veeam architecture for large environments, and a lot of best practices to consider. We have several tools available that can be used to make this decision-making process easier that have evolved over the years. This is a must-attend session for Veeam Certified Architects (VMCAs) and anyone interested in solution architecture. We will cover:

  • The available toolset: Automated data gathering, assisted decision making and sizing for Veeam Backup & ReplicationTM, Veeam ONETM and Veeam Management PackTM (MP)
  • Current standards and practices around Veeam deployment

Top 15 Easy Performance Optimizations

Whether you are about to deploy a new environment or are already using Veeam Backup & Replication™, there are many small optimizations to be made that will have a high impact on the performance on your Availability solution. When upgrading to the latest version, many new features will be available, but not enabled unless you know which checkboxes to tick or which settings to adjust. Join us in this presentation as we guide you through these top 15 easy performance optimizations tweaks and explain the impacts they will have and how they will benefit your environment.

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Partner breakout session

Grow Alliance + Veeam Solution Sales through Enterprise Data Center Opportunities

You wouldn't get into a sword fight with a plastic knife would you? Of course not. Your clients also should trust your data with legacy products when a better, more reliable, proven solution is available: Veeam. This session is restricted access to reseller and service provider partners only.

New Veeam Products: A Holistic Approach to Cross-Selling Your Customers

A practical session designed to teach you how to monetize Veeam's new products: the agents, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and soon Veeam Availability Orchestrator. As Veeam expands outside the virtual backup arena, there is a lot to absorb. Taking a holistic approach to cross-selling new Veeam products to your existing customers is key to growing your install base.

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    Asanga Wanigatunga

    Senior Director, Cloud & Service Providers, Asia Pacific & Japan

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    Raymond Goh

    Technical Director, Asia & Japan

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    Anthony Spiteri

    Evangelist, Technical Product Marketing


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