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VeeamON Virtual

About the event

VeeamON Virtual is a unique online conference designed to deliver the latest insights on Intelligent Data Management…to the comfort of your own office.

Annually, VeeamON Virtual brings together more than 2,500 industry experts to showcase the latest technology solutions providing the hyper-availability of data. If you couldn’t attend VeeamON Virtual, or just want to relive the experience, you can access the best of the conference any time from the comfort of your desk.

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Understand the five stages of Intelligent Data Management and how to realize them

Learn how to extend your Hyper-Availability of data to the multi-cloud World, including Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4 coming soon!

Hear about our partnerships with NetApp, Cisco and Nutanix, and learn how your data center can benefit from their technologies

See the latest cloud innovations on how to back up Azure, AWS and Microsoft Office 365!

Be the first to learn of Veeam’s predictions for 2019 and get future-ready today

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10:00 am CET / 12:00 pm ET

Intro: Veeam predictions 2019

Join Veeam Senior Vice President David Grant and Dave Russell, Veeam Vice President of enterprise strategy, for their discussion of 2019 predictions, Digital Transformation, Hyper-Availability and so much more.

David Grant

David Grant
Senior Vice President,
Veeam Software

 Dave Russell

Dave Russell
Vice President, Enterprise Strategy,
Veeam Software

10:20 am CET / 12:20 pm ET

Journey to Intelligent Data Management for the multi-cloud enterprise

Today’s modern enterprise faces the dual challenges of not only managing and mining the data they produce and use, but also ensuring that the digital experience is Always-On™ for both internal and external customers. Join us as we discuss how data must move to a new state of intelligence, automatically anticipate need and meet demand across multi-cloud infrastructures.

Danny Allan

Danny Allan
Vice President, Product Strategy,
Veeam Software

10:40 am CET / 12:40 pm ET

Understanding the Availability Gap

In this session, former industry analyst and current Veeam product strategist Jason Buffington will discuss recent industry research related to SLA expectations in the real world and the Availability, protection drivers and mechanisms being sought in 2018. This session will focus on understanding the problems and IT industry imperatives, as well as the operational, economic and intangible challenges of not addressing these issues head on.

Jason Buffington

Jason Buffington
PS Field Technical Evangelist, Product Strategy,
Veeam Software

Jean-Carlo Rosero

Jean-Carlo Rosero
Sr. Systems Administrator, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

11:00 am CET / 1:00 pm ET

Availability on Cisco HyperFlex

Cisco and Veeam® have joined forces to bring you Hyper-Availability by delivering solutions to secure, back up and recover your data wherever it resides. This new solution brings together the power of Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform™ and Cisco's industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution, HyperFlex, to deliver an enterprise-grade, highly available Intelligent Data Management platform. Come and find out more about what the power of Cisco with Veeam means for your business.

William Howell

William Howell
Hyperconverged Sales Specialist, Cisco

11:30 am CET / 1:30 pm ET

The Ultimate Solution – Performance, Scale and Protection with NetApp HCI and Veeam

As you consider adopting a hyperconverged infrastructure to consolidate workloads across your virtualized environment, are you confident that your current backup solution can deliver the non-stop Availability your business requires?

NetApp HCI and Veeam enables workload consolidation through predictable performance and Availability for all business applications while also simplifying IT, increasing agility, lowering costs and improving ROI.

Gerhard Keller

Gerhard Keller
Business Development Director, NetApp

12:00 pm CET / 2:00 pm ET

Best practices of Veeam Backup & Replication 2018

Veeam Backup & Replication™ is a flexible and dynamic product. As each update is released, new features become available as well as improvements to performance and operation. This session will take you through the basics of Veeam best practices and how to maximize your product to get the most of your investment. Choosing the right product is important but knowing what will work best for your individual environment is always a priority.

Paul Szelesi

Paul Szelesi
Manager Solutions Architects, Regional Technical Sales EMEA, Veeam Software

12:20 pm CET / 2:20 pm ET

NEW Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4

Redefining cloud data management for on premises, AWS, Azure Stack and IBM Cloud, plus much more!

Join Veeam Global Technologist Michael Cade as he provides a detailed presentation on what’s new with NEW Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4.

In this informative video session, Michael will share how Veeam is redefining cloud data management for on premises, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack and IBM Cloud. He will also discuss how Veeam is delivering the following new, breakthrough capabilities with Update 4, such as:

  • Up to 10x savings on long-term data retention costs using native object storage integration with NEW Veeam Cloud Archive
  • Support for hybrid cloud data mobility with easy migration and recovery to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack with NEW Veeam Cloud Mobility
  • Increased security and data governance including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and malware prevention with newly enhanced Veeam DataLabs™
  • Reduced management and support costs through proactive resolution of configuration problems with NEW Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Plus much more!

Join us for VeeamON Virtual on Dec. 5 to learn more about the latest breakthrough technologies introduced by NEW Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4!

Michael Cade

Michael Cade
Technologist, Product Strategy,
Veeam Software

12:40 pm CET / 2:40 pm ET

Plan for disaster with confidence using automated testing in Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Traditional DR tools were often just written-down lists or an item that allowed for manual testing and management of start order. However, with Veeam Availability Orchestrator, you get something different, new and exciting. Veeam ships a variety of application specific testing scripts and provides you with the option to add your own. This means automated testing becomes possible and quite useful. In this session, you will see how this works. You will see automated DR testing of SQL Server as an example of what is possible.

Michael White

Michael White
Product Manager, Veeam Software

1:00 pm CET / 3:00 pm ET

Virtual to physical: Using Veeam Agents to protect your physical business infrastructure

For many years, Veeam was a virtual-only product. However, nearly all organizations rely on some form of physical hosts for important business applications that cannot migrate from the physical world for various reasons. This made total protection difficult. With Veeam Agents, you can now protect your physical estate to the same level as your virtual estate even from the same console to simplify administration. The best part of innovation is the ability to back step. Veeam Agents support capabilities in the virtual world for instances where virtual protection alone was not enough, simple disaster recovery for physical into the virtual world or to the cloud. VeeamLive will discuss Veeam Agents, how to choose the right product for the right job, and the advantages of using a single tool and single pane of glass for your protected business.

Paul Szelesi

Paul Szelesi
Manager Solutions Architects, Veeam Software

1:20 pm CET / 3:20 pm ET

Veeam + Quantum: Hyper-protection for your backup in hybrid IT environments

In 2017, Quantum announced the first and only inline deduplication appliance that fully supports Instant VM Recovery®, which is synthetic full-backup creation.

This year, we improved our integration with Veeam’s solutions through the Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4 launch such as NDMP support backup to tape. We also included Quantum in the Veeam drop-down list for ease of integration.

Join this session to know more about our data protection approach and the application of the 3-2-1-1 strategy by one of our customers.

Massimiliano Capoccetti

Massimiliano Capoccetti
International Presales System Engineer, Quantum

1:40 pm CET / 3:40 pm ET

Rapid Restore for the Hyper Available Enterprise

Restoring data from protection copies is a major challenge today, especially for large databases. Pure Storage and Veeam have teamed up to provide a solution that enables 40x faster restore performance than traditional deduplication backup appliances and also can simplify the data protection environment by allowing IT staff to consolidate Tier 2 infrastructures.

Craig Halliwell

Craig Halliwell
Director, Strategic Alliances, Pure Storage

2:00 pm CET / 4:00 pm ET

Expanded AWS data protection with new disaster recovery and serverless options

Protecting your data in AWS is your responsibility! Amazon provides a durable infrastructure and the tools necessary to orchestrate backup and DR plans, but it is up to YOU, the end user, to make sure that these plans are in place and can be executed if necessary.

During this session, we discuss and demonstrate:

  • The native options for backing up data in AWS
  • The free and low-cost options for protecting data in AWS
  • What you get when you choose an enterprise backup and recovery solution

Attend this session and learn everything you need to know about how to protect critical data and workloads in Amazon Web Services. We also demonstrate how to automate backups and recover quickly with N2WS.

Ezra Charm

Ezra Charm
Vice President, Marketing, N2WS

2:20 pm CET / 4:20 pm ET

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v2: Deep Dive

Enterprises and small businesses alike are using Microsoft Office 365, yet very few fully understand the importance of protecting Office 365 data. Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the need to host your own email, files and content management infrastructure. However, it doesn’t replace the need to have a backup of your business-critical data.

Watch this session with Niels Engelen, global product evangelist, where they discuss Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v2 including:

  • Data Protection for OneDrive for Business
  • Data Protection for SharePoint
  • Major ease-of-use and backup flexibility improvements
  • And much more!
Niels Engelen

Niels Engelen
Technical Evangelist, Product Strategy,
Veeam Software

2:40 pm CET / 4:40 pm ET

Save your data securely off site with Veeam Cloud Connect

In this session, Cloud Architect Luca Dell’Oca will discuss Veeam® Cloud Connect, the powerful technology offered to Veeam service providers, and how end users can leverage this solution to protect their data by consuming an off-site resource without the upfront investment in a second site. Join this session and learn more about:

  • Hosted off-site backups: Get your backups off site to a hosted cloud repository through an SSL connection and cloud gateway
  • Complete visibility and control: Access and recover data in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console
  • Store data in a secure way: encryption and insider threat protection
  • And more!
Luca Dell'Oca

Luca Dell'Oca
EMEA Cloud and Hosting Architect,
Veeam Software

3:00 pm CET / 5:00 pm ET

Nutanix AHV and Veeam Hyper-Availability

Learn about how Veeam and Nutanix combine to bring Hyper-Availability to the modern data center. Designed to complement native Nutanix disaster recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) capabilities and minimize data loss, Veeam backups integrated into native Nutanix snapshots allow for efficient backups of AHV virtual machines (VMs) without agents. In this session we will walk you through the deployment, management and monitoring/restore process of Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV.

Jonathan Ghulam

Jonathan Ghulam
Senior Sales Engineer, Nutanix





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