2024 Cloud Protection Trends Report

The future of cloud‑powered data protection

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1,600 unbiased IT decision makers were surveyed on their data protection strategy, specifically protection of on‑​premises servers or workloads and cloud services.

  • 54%

    of organization’s servers within the data centers are protected by BaaS or DRaaS

  • 71%

    of organizations would prefer to store within a hyperscale cloud

  • 2.3

    different roles tasked with ensuring backups and data are protected

These IT leaders responded with significant cloud adoption changes that drive current data protection trends, such as:

  • Whose job is it to back up the cloud…

    …when it comes to protecting cloud‑hosted workloads, including SaaS and PaaS?

  • What determines which workloads run in a cloud?

    How does that affect the strategy of cloud‑hosted files, databases and servers?

  • Why do organizations choose BaaS and DRaaS?

    What are the offerings from service providers that matter most?