2024 Data
Protection Trends

5th annual report summarizing data protection strategies of up to 13,300 organizations over 2020‑2026

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1,200 business and IT leaders were surveyed on their IT and data protection strategies, including their plans for 2024 and beyond.

  • 76%

    of organizations recognize a protection gap

  • 88%

    of organizations will use BaaS/DRaaS for at least some of their servers

  • 76%

    of organizations suffered at least one ransomware attack last year

Learn how business and IT leaders addressed these issues from shared insights.

  • Cloud powered

    70% of organizations will use cloud‑powered data protection services by 2026

  • Modernizing backups

    54% of organizations expect to change their primary backup solution in 2024

  • Enterprise backup workloads

    17% of IT leaders consider reliability as the most important aspect of enterprise backup

  • Backup solutions

    26% of organizations say improving reliability and success of backups will drive changing their enterprise backup solution in 2023