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4 Best Practices for Data Protection and Availability within a Hybrid Infrastructure

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IT organizations exist to satisfy the diverse needs of the businesses they support. Fulfilling all of them can require a degree of IT customization and risk beyond what most expect. Recognizing these organizational challenges, IT must evolve their strategy.

In this latest research from ESG, over 600 IT professionals shared insights into their key considerations when sourcing an enterprise Availability solution, including:

  • SLA’s should be your #1 driver in the search for a solution
  • Business challenges must be clear and aligned
  • Flexibility and agility matter! 73% need to increase speed, agility, flexibility and reliability of their backup and recoveries
  • Orchestration and automation is the greatest differentiator when sourcing your virtualization-savvy data protection and availability solution
72% of organizations will risk up to two hours of downtime for high-priority applications before failing over to BC/DR

ESG Research Report,
The Evolving Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Landscape,
February 2016

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