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Zero Trust Data Resilience Strategies

Up‑level your knowledge for better data protection

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Even though the Zero Trust strategy has gained significant traction in the information security industry, most models lack comprehensive guidelines around data backup and recovery. To fill this gap, Veeam, in collaboration with Numberline Security, has developed this concept of Zero Trust Data Resilience which enables enterprises with stronger protection against malicious actors.

Download both the research brief and white paper to begin building stronger enterprise protection.

  • Guide

    Extending Zero Trust to Data Backup and Recovery

    Summary: Foundations to get started

    • Principles and importance of Zero Trust
    • How to get started with ZTDR to minimize your security risks
    • Complexities of architecting and implementing Zero Trust in your backup and recovery environment
    • Insights into selecting the right data backup and recovery platform
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    Zero Trust Data Resilience: Data Backup and Recovery into a Zero Trust Strategy

    Summary: Research highlights

    • How the CISA Zero Trust maturity framework is used as the foundation for Zero Trust
    • What are the Zero Trust Data Resilience principles
    • Reference architecture and data protection requirements
    • What changes organizations need to make to advance in maturity in each function
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    Extending Zero Trust with Data Resilience: A Pragmatic Approach to Implementing Zero Trust

    Summary: Insights and recommendations

    • How to extend CISA Zero Trust maturity model to backup and recovery
    • Eight principles of Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR)
    • Secure data backup and recovery architecture
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